Jobs and Opportunities

Adam understands that the young people of our community are our most valuable of all of our resources. He has spent his entire professional career working with these people in the publics schools as both a teacher and principal. Too many of our kids are receiving the excellent education in Lake County but then they are choosing to leave for better job opportunities and more affordable housing options in other places. Adam will work with both local and external stakeholders to bring high quality jobs and opportunities back into Lake County. He will also continue to make professional connections between schools and companies to establish proper training to fill current job openings and better prepare our citizens for 21st Century job opportunities.

Reduce Taxes

Adam learned how to maximize every dollar in his budget by his thrifty parents who raised 7 children on one salary. and he will work to not waste even a single cent while in office. The economy has taken a toll on the hard working men and women of the County. Adam will work with all of the offices of the County to not raise taxes for the citizens and also work creatively to reduce taxes when possible. Adam will work to reduce the increased sales tax from the Great Recession and balance that with the increased federal money coming into the budget.

Law and Order

Adam knows that one of the primary appeals of Lake County is that the citizens feel safe and secure as they live, work, and recreate with their friends and family. Adam will ensure law enforcement is well equipped with every resource needed to protect our homes, businesses, and citizens.

Affordable and High Quality Services

Lake County already offers many high quality services but we must do better in continuing to modernize our utility infrastructure by replacing water lines and working to eliminate the technology gamp in households and businesses across the county. We can do this by increasing broadband access and speed options for all citizens. We also have to do a better job of appropriately funding and marketing the current programs that we are offering.

Seniors Citizens

Over 20% of our 230,000 citizens are over the age of 65. These people sacrificed to make Lake County the great community it is today. Adam will defend our Senior Citizens and ensure that the county services are affordable, high quality, and accessible to all citizens but especially to those living on fixed incomes.

Stability and Trust in County Government

Once again Lake County is at the center of an ongoing investigation, this time regarding an attempted breach of the Lake County election network. Adam's belief is that local government officials should always be held to the utmost ethical standards and should be true public servants. Adam will always represent every citizen in Lake County and he has proven in his profession as a public educator that he can be trusted and will work to maximize all resources and provide a voice for all citizens in Lake County.

Lakefront Development

One of our most beautiful natural resources is Lake Erie. Many have promised to develop the lakefront in Lake County but that has mostly been campaign talking points. Adam will work with county and state partners to attract businesses to the lakefront. He will also work with county officials to ensure green space is maintained along the lakefront, he will continue to work on the major issue of erosion control, and he will ensure we keep the lake clean and accessible to all of the people of Lake County and all who come to enjoy this resource.