Meet Adam!


Adam believes that strong and supported families help make our communities better. He learned this as his family struggled to make ends meet when his father was laid off from his job on multiple occasions but his mother cut expenses whenever possible and his father searched for temporary employment as he waited for the steel mill to start producing again. Times were tough but the family stayed together and survived. This is where Adam’s focus on strong family values came from. Both of Adam’s parents came from broken homes that fought through difficulties. Neither parent has a college degree but 6 of their children went on to get a bachelor's degree or more. Adam’s other sibling has Down’s syndrome which led him to a career in education, where he has a passion to work with the most challenging students. His father served in Vietnam as a Marine and taught Adam about loving his country and leading with integrity even when it wasn’t easy to do. He was also a very religious man and Adam was raised in the Catholic Church. All of these experiences taught him about serving his community and sacrificing self over others to better your neighbors. His mother was a school teacher for a short time and then stayed at home to raise 7 children. She was accepting of everyone and taught Adam about treating all people equally. She was also patient, creative, and humble which contributed to Adam pursuing being a public school educator and his passion for working with young people that come from places of difficulty and pain. She was also thrifty and made a little money go a long way when Adam’s father was out of work.


Adam started his professional career as a public school math teacher and has also spent time working in a private school and a charter school. He has spent the last 11 years as an public school principal in Lake County and then voluntarily went to an inner city school to help with the most challenged students. His passion is to help all of his neighbors but he is constantly drawn to helping those that need help the most. This is a reason why he would be a good Lake County Commissioner. Every single person in Lake County will have a voice and their opinions will be valued. He will also focus on bringing more good quality jobs to ensure every person can strive to live the American Dream.


Adam has spent the majority of his life educating himself to better serve his community. He has a Master’s Degree in Education and an Educational Specialist Degree in Secondary Administration. He also started his Doctorate in Educational Administration. Adam Dudziak is running for Lake County Commissioner because he believes Lake County is headed in the wrong direction. He is an energetic, dynamic, and visionary leader who will bring a new sense of unity and fresh ideas to the challenges we face. We must confront the fact that many of our young minds are taking their talents to other places; where there are more opportunities and more affordable housing options. At the same time we must also support our aging population to ensure they can continue to live a comfortable life after sacrificing to make Lake County the exceptional place it is today. As Commissioner, Adam will work to unify the community and remove the national extremism out of our proud community. He will utilize his community relationships to attract new businesses, support small businesses, provide better job opportunities for our younger and talented population, and he will also protect the comfort of the senior citizens. Now is the time to elect a leader in Lake County that will truly represent what Lake County needs to be; proactive to address future issues, consistent to support those that are retiring here, provide a voice for ALL, and maximize all resources within our great community. Adam is committed to this county like he has already demonstrated by his work in the public school system. He has always worked to ensure that every single voice is heard and valued. And he is a visionary leader which will help support Lake County as we transition into the modern 21st century community that we must be for our younger population.